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About Us



Our History

Established in 2007 and newly located in Murrieta, CA, Element 6 are the experts in Carbon Repair, Custom Paint and Bicycle Service.


As with any successful business, our growth has been attributed to our quality of work, unmatched experience and knowledgable team.


Frames Repaired


Years of Experience


Happy Clients

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Our Team

Irvin Soyangco.jpg
Irvin Soyangco MBA 

Partner & Operations


Carbon Repair | Shop Manager | Bike Mechanic | Greer Regular

Arnold Garcia, MBA


Dad | Tinkerer | Inventor(?)

| All around guy at the shop | Man for others

Alfred Antonio

Partner & Business


Deal Maker  |  Local OC Rider

Jesse (Jeff) Larrabee

Lead Painter | Site Manager

BMX background and enjoys riding everything off-road | Future Painter | Gamer & Twitch Streamer

Gean Fuentes
Gean Fuentes

Jesse Savre

Paint | Graphics | Frame Shaping and Repair | Color Matching



Founder of Element 6, John knows just about everything there is to know about bikes. John's extensive experience in the bike industry has led him to be an successful entrepreneur. 


His knowledge extends to Road Cycling, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross and lots more.

He is your go-to guy for just about any bike related question.



  • How long will my repair take?
    Paint Chips and Touch ups - Current turn around time is 2 weeks or less.* Carbon Repair and Paint - Current turn around time is 3 weeks or less.* Full Frame Custom Paint - Current turn around time is 4 weeks or less.* * An accurate date of completion will be provided once a job assessment is complete and job is accepted.
  • Do you offer an expedited service?
    Yes, we do offer an expedited option on all our services for an additional fee. The expedited fee is usually an additional 50% of the regular repair cost. Please let us know your desired date of completion and we will let you know.
  • Do I need to disassemble the bike?
    If you are able to dissassemble your bike, great. If not, no worries, we have a full service center with a team of professional mechanics. We can take care of dissassembly and reassembly for an additional fee.
  • Do you warranty your work?
    Yes. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the repair for the original owner. Please see our Warranty information.
  • What do you repair?
    We repair all types of carbon bicycle frames. We offer a free assessment on all repairs. Occassionally there are some repairs that we will not undertake. We DO NOT repair wheels, seat posts, stems and handlebars.
  • Will the repair effect the ride quality?
    Ride quality and characteristics will not be influenced by our carbon repair, the repaired area is generally stronger than before. We are careful to replicate the orientation of the fibers to preserve the frames intended feel. Your frame will ride in most cases, exactly the same as before your damage. On larger repairs the frame weight may be increased very slightly.
  • Can I obtain an assessment via email?
    Yes. Please fill out our Contact form, we will call or email you with further instructions on sending us photos for assessment. We require, clear photos of the complete bicycle or frame AND clear photos of the damaged area.
  • Can I deliver the frame directly to you?
    Yes. You may deliver your frame to our service center during business hours, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm or by appointment. Element 6 Service Center 41555 Cherry St, Suite L, Murrieta, CA
  • How do I ship my bike to your store?
    We like to know your bike is on the way. Please fill out our Contact form, we will call or email you with detailled instructions on packing and shipping your bike to us.
  • Can my local bike shop send you my frame or repair?
    Yes. It can be shipped directly to our service center at Element 6, 41555 Cherry St, Murrieta, CA 92562
  • What is your shipping address?
    Our shipping address is Element 6, 41555 Cherry St, Suite L, Murrieta, CA 92562
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